Customer Testimonials 

“Reflecting a love of colour and texture. Carrie’s work is very much what our customers are looking for. Offering the best of British, the jewellery seizes the moment as a gift and as a must have accessory.”

Hide All, London

“Gorgeous & affordable –our most popular jewellery range by far – we wouldn’t be without it! Great product, great price & the best customer service in the business -we love being part of the Carrie family! There really is something beautiful for everyone in this lovely range. It’s well priced & appeals to all age groups. A beautiful jewellery range – the only hard part is having to give it away!”

Daisy Chain, Cambridge

“Carrie and her team are just sooo lovely. With fresh ideas each season her jewellery just sells and sells.”

Oberon, Shropshire

“Carrie Elspeth and all her team have and continue to be consistently way above average with both their level of customer care and quality of products. This plus all of her imaginative designs promise my continued allegiance.”

Beehive, Cowbridge

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